Iron Age trench grates sized to fit plastic, polymer and concrete drain bodies by various manufacturers

Iron Age’s standard trench and catch basin grates are engineered to fit the most widely used drain bodies on the market today, giving our customers an easy, cost-effective way to transform their drainage from utilitarian to artistic focal point. Our grates can replace existing installations or be used as a decorative upgrade. If security is a concern, many of our grates can be bolted down to the drain bodies—contact us for more information.

You can now search our products BY DRAIN SYSTEM

Search for Iron Age Grates “By Drain System”

We’ve made it easy to find out which Iron Age grates will fit the drain body you are using. In the “Products” section of our website, you’ll see “Filter Products”.

Once you’ve selected a product category (i.e. “trench grates”, “catch basin grates” or “skimmer lids”), simply click on “By Drain System” and you’ll see a list of all the drain bodies in that category our grates are designed to fit.

Choose the manufacturer and drain body you are using, and you’ll be able to quickly and easily see exactly which of our grates will work for your project.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t have every design available in a size to fit every drain body. Use our Product Filter and check the Detailed Specifications on each product page to ensure the grate you want is available to fit the drain body you will be installing.

Ordering Other Manufacturer’s Drain Bodies

Iron Age does not sell other manufacturer’s drain bodies—only the grates designed to fit them. To order drain bodies or for more information about them, please visit your local supply house or the following websites:




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