Informational Videos

Iron Age’s President, Mark Armstrong, walks you through the process of how to specify decorative trench grates. There are 9 questions you’ll need to consider to make sure you get the right grate and achieve the best possible outcome for your project, from both a functional and aesthetic standpoint. Having answers to all 9 questions upfront will also make the quoting process faster and more accurate. We want to make it easier for you to meet your budgetary goals and project timelines. So let’s get started!

In this video, we take you into the foundry for an in-depth explanation of the sand casting process and a start-to-finish look at how our grates are made.

If you have to cut your metal trench grates to achieve a specific run length, we can do it for you, but it is often better (i.e. more accurate and less expensive) to do it yourself on site. In this video, Iron Age’s President, Mark Armstrong, walks you through the equipment you’ll need plus step-by-step instruction.

Sparks fly (literally) in this how-to video where Iron Age’s President, Mark Armstrong, goes over the tools and techniques for cutting tree grate breakout rings.

We create designer metal castings that are not only beautiful but also engineered to fit readily available, pre-formed drain bodies from major manufacturers. This video shows how pairing our grates with these widely used systems gives you an easy, cost-effective way to transform your drainage from eyesore to decorative focal point.