Finish Options

Raw As Cast

We at Iron age are purists when it comes to our castings. We believe in letting Nature take it’s own course with every material in the outdoor environment, be it wood, stone or metal.

Baked On Oil Finish

Recycled french fry oil is applied to pre-oxidized grates then baked in a powder coater oven. This polymerizes the oil and gives the grates a smooth texture and a chocolate brown color. This more environmentally friendly oil finish wears off over time in an outdoor environment. The advantage is to bypasses the bright orange oxidation period and allow the cast iron to gently settle into a chocolate patina.

See Oxidation explanation

Painting and Powder Coating

Although we offer paint and powder coating, we do not recommend coating drain grates and tree grates. These are surfaces that will be walked over and driven upon and this traffic will only cause any coating to chip away.