Mark Armstrong, Partner, President and CEO

Mark began his career with decorative metal castings at an Artisan Foundry in the Pacific Northwest. He spent 5 years there as the director of marketing and sales where he grew the company sales dramatically during his tenure. He and Craig launched Iron Age in October of 2005 unleashing a new era of affordable decorative castings to a broader market. Mark was raised by his movie star father and opera soprano mother in the U.S. Virgin islands.

Craig Diamond, Partner, Designer/ Optimist

Craig spent 5 years at an Artisan Foundry as head designer where he created and worked on some of the most recognizable patterns in decorative cast metal today. You may very well have walked across much of his cast metal work on the sidewalks of most major U.S. cities. Previous to his work in artisan castings, Craig worked as a wooden boat builder and designer. He studied design at Evergreen State College in Washington State. He has worked side by side with designer David Gulassa. Craig drives a bio diesel car, enjoys traveling to Nepal and Japan, and also is expert at geoducking along the Puget sound.

Dr. Richard Watkins, Partner, Chairman of the Board

An accomplished emergency room doctor, Richard's passion for entrepreneurship and natural esthetic sense led him to become a patron at an Artisan Foundry in the Pacific Northwest. There Richard, Mark, Craig and Dom worked together in a dynamic environment which eventually led to the rise of Iron Age. Richard's medical research has been published in "The New England Journal of Medicine", he has been quoted by humorist Dave Berry. When he is not investing in a new business venture he can be seen driving his Russian sidecar motorcycle.

Dominique Watkins, Partner, Managing Director

Dom has worked in marketing for large corporations including UPS and AOL and also at several start-ups. He came to Iron Age after a brief tenure working along side Mark and Craig at the same artisan foundry. Dom has an MBA from the University of Maryland. He has lived and worked in Washington DC and Paris France.