About Us

Iron Age Designs was originally formed to address a need in the marketplace: to create decorative, yet affordable standard drain grates, engineered to fit the most widely-used catch basins and trench drain bodies on the market today.

Iron Age Designs now provides such designer cast metal trench drain grates, catch basin grates, tree grates and other architectural castings, both standard and custom, for public and residential use.

Our standard decorative drain grates fit the most widely used catch basins and trench drain channels made by major manufacturers such as ACO™, NDS™, and ABT™.

Iron Age grates can be affordably retrofitted to refine existing installations, or be purchased at the time of an original higher quality installation. Our grates provide the finishing touch to a garden, pavilion or driveway-adding interest, and ultimately value to your home or project, just as does any other well-chosen refinement.

We are constantly working out new designs for other artful surface applications. We welcome your ideas, and we welcome hearing about your special needs.

We want it to become ordinary for you to expect extraordinary, affordable artistic design-in grates and other kinds of cast-metal architectural pieces-both in public spaces as well as at home.

Our castings are made from recycled product and are ADA compliant. We invite you to share our passion for aesthetically pleasing cast metal surface applications.

We now accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.